A picture of the Eiffel Tower which is obscured by a finger over the camera lens.
A picture of a goat standing by a wooden fence in a green field.
A canal in Amsterdam which features several sculptures of the Statue of Liberty emerging from the water.
Brighton beach on a sunny day. Sand, deck chairs, a flag in the distance and a view of the blue sea and sky.
A Bourbon biscuit being held close-up to the camera and a small table in the background with a tea set on it.
Escalators in Washington D.C.
Sunrise by the water. Birds flying overhead.
Shop window depicting a display of items that feature the Union Jack flag.
A book with its cover concealed by red wrapping paper and featuring the words "Try and relax is a three-word oxymoron."
A view of Scottish countryside from a hill.
A beaver in Montréal.
American Book Center in Amsterdam
Trees and shadows.